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Volunteers Needed

540 Express Sports is volunteer run

Sign up for our Beach Volleyball Summer recreation program, but also consider volunteering to help with other sports.
In addition to the two beach volleyball courts, a multi-use field is nearing completion.  The Optimist Club is helping us with this effort.  They own land on Optimist Farm Road and are helping to build fields that can be used for our sports programs.  For more information about the Optimist Club go to their website.

What's happening now

A multi-purpose field is being constructed just past the existing beach volleyball courts.  Once completed we hope to initially offer Soccer and Flag Football programs on these fields.  Please contact us if you can help either with field preparation or helping organize a new sports program at this location.  These sports programs won't happen without people willing to help.

Immediate volunteers needed are:
Beach Volleyball Coaches
Marketing assistance
Help with the fields
And we need help in many other areas too: contact [email protected] to help.

The Optimist Club is putting in a new entrance to help everyone get in and out easier!  Support the Optimist Club and tell them thanks for helping!

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